REMINDER: Spring 2021 Recreational Soccer – Let’s Go!

Hello Amherst Soccer Families.

Welcome to Spring 2021 Recreational Soccer

First the most important news: The first day of Rec, this Saturday 4/24, is being postponed. The fields are very wet and Plumbrook in particular will not dry out by Saturday. There will be a makeup scheduled. So as it stands our new opening days are Saturday May 1, and Thursday May 6.

Now on to happier news –

COVID Safety Information

We are maintaining attendance records for contact tracing of all people on the field – players and parents. Players and spectators must sign in each week at the table before entering the field. Parents and players are required to wear masks whenever outside of their vehicle, including in the parking lot. Players can take a mask break at any time as long as there is ample space to do so.

Check-in and Start Procedure

After signing in at the table, proceed as follows.


The field is organized into 6 areas, one for each team. After signing in, one parent or guardian will accompany the child to the field designated for their team. For the first three weeks or so a parent will stay with their child for the 45 minutes to help them space and to encourage them with the soccer activities. Our DOC, the staff coaches, and the team coaches will lead the players through their games and challenges.

There will be space nearby but not within the training field for additional spectators.


There are 6 Kindergarten teams and six areas, one for each team. After signing in the player can proceed to his or her area where one of the coaches is organizing the players. The DOC, staff coaches, and team coaches will lead the players through their activities and games. If this is your child’s first time playing soccer, please be attentive from the spectator area in case your child needs your attention during the activities. The coach will guide your child to you if he or she needs attention.

Grades 1 – 8

On arrival, sign in at the table and the players may proceed to one of the four areas designated for the team. The DOC, staff coaches, and team coaches will lead the players through their activities. After the training portion of the session, the teams will proceed to the game field to play their match against another Rec team.

Opening Day

Team jerseys will be distributed to players when they sign in for the first time. This will be done for the first two sessions. If you are starting after the first two sessions, please contact the organization to arrange for the jersey to be brought to the next session.


All players of all ages should bring the following to each session

  1. Mask (loop over ear mask. Gaiters, bandanas, or anything that wraps around the neck is not allowed because of the chocking hazard).
  2. Water
  3. Soccer ball of appropriate size:  

Pre-K & K, 1st grade; Size 3

Grade 2-5: Size 4

Grade 6-8: Size 5

For all K and above cleats and shin guards are required. Pre-K may wear sneakers and shin guards are optional.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to myself at the email address below.


Keith Payne Travel Director, Amherst Youth Soccer Association