Recreational Soccer Conduct

Parents, spectators, coaches, and referees have responsibilities and obligations to keep our all-volunteer soccer program a fun sport for all. With this in mind, please observe the following:

  • Cheer positively for the things you like and encourage your team. Have fun!
  • Never put down the other team or any of the players on either team.
  • Please leave the sideline coaching to the coach. Spectators frequently yell instructions to the players – these instructions often contradict those of the coach and only confuse the players.
  • Our referees are volunteers, not professionals. While their decisions might not always be agreeable to all participants and spectators, they are final. No useful purpose is served by shouting disagreement or derogatory remarks. Referees can caution players (showing a yellow card) or send them off (showing a red card) for misconduct. Referees can also caution and send off coaches, and even terminate the game. Deliberate fouls, or abusive words or disrespect by the players, coaches or spectators, can lead to these actions.
  • Every year we have many new referees and coaches. Each is volunteering to do a difficult job, and mistakes inevitably occur. Heckling the referees or coaches is totally unwarranted. Serious problems involving coaches or referees should be brought to the attention of the AYSA Board after the game.
  • For the safety of all, coaches and spectators must stand at least one yard from the sideline. No one is allowed behind the goal or within 18 yards of the goal line on either side of the field. Coaches and referees are asked to enforce this condition.
  • No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or pets are allowed at games or practices.
  • Water and some form of citrus, preferably sliced oranges, are the only recommended half-time refreshments (avoid snacks containing peanuts or peanut oils as some players are highly allergic) .
  • All players present and in proper uniform must play at least half of the game.
  • Use the the fields and other facilities properly and keep the fields clean and free from litter. If you see anyone misusing the facilities (climbing fences, kicking balls into fences, throwing litter on the field, etc.) please bring the matter to the attention of a coach, referee or AYSA official.