Travel Coaches Checklist

Thank you for agreeing to be an AYSA Travel Coach!

The following is for PVJSL and NOT ROOTS.  Please see the Travel Director for Roots Instructions.

Practice Plans can be found on MYSA’s Coach’s Corner page.

Rosters are available via Sportsmanager. Log in under the Coach/Director tab. Bring an approved roster to each game (obtained by clicking on the green bar at the too of your roster – the roster should have an approved watermark). You can also e-mail your team from here.

Certifications and Licensing
PVJSL requires coaches have the following certifications and licensing listed below.  Once you have completed a certification, email a copy to the Travel Director.


Step 1: REGISTER for your CORI by Clicking REGISTER NOW
Step 2. Select Registration Type – Adult/CORI
Step 3: Create Registration – Click the Register for CORI button next to record you want to register. Fill out completely and accurately. Save and continue.
Step 4: Accept and agree to the Electronic Legal Agreement (ELA)
Step 5: You will be taken directly to the Print forms page after agreeing to the ELA.
Here you MUST print CORI Agreement form and bring it to the Travel Director.
**Please do not send your CORI Agreement Form to the State Office.**

If you need assistance, please call the Affinity Help Line at 855-703-2558.

2) Concussion: Heads Up: Youth Sports: Online Training (FREE). Click on Launch the course, on the right.

3) CPR/First Aid – will be arranged by the Program Manager.  If you have CPR/FirstAid, please email a photo of your card to the Program Manager.

4) F Course Coach License – AYSA will reimburse this $25 Certification.
F License on-line.
F Course Info and Register for F Course

Fines are the responsibility of each team. Fines can be incurred in many ways – not having a roster, pass card, coach’s card or enough players.