Travel Team Tryouts

2019 Travel Tryout Dates will be in June–Dates TBA

How to Register
Register HERE
or click on the flaming soccer ball banner on the top right. Then click OPEN next to the appropriate Grade, and follow the instructions in our sportsmanager registration system. If your family has already used the system, sportsmanager will recognize you when you enter your last name. Otherwise, it will invite you to start a new registration.

Tryouts Location
All tryouts take place at Plum Brook Fields at 250 Potwine Lane, Amherst, MA. All players will participate in tryouts at their grade level. If you need assistance with online the online registration process, please email Program Manager Moe Mooney at

Tryouts Check-in
Players should arrive 25 minutes prior to their tryout in order to sign in and warm up prior to their session.

Tryout Process
The Director of Coaching will run tryouts with his staff. Tryouts will take approximately one hour per grade group. Only pre-registered players can attend. Each player will be given a number to wear, and the evaluators will make notes on each player. Tryouts will vary by age; there may be individual drills, small group play, and/or full scrimmages. Coaches will not participate in tryouts, but coaches may observe. Players should arrive ready to play with ball, shin guards, and water.

Team Assignment Process
The tryout is one part of the evaluation process for determining team assignments. For current AYSA travel or rec players, players will be placed by combining the tryout evaluation with coach evaluations and observations by the Director of Coaching during weekly training sessions. Teams will be announced prior to the end of June after the Director of Coaching has had the opportunity to review and consider all registrants. The tryout is one part of the evaluation process for determining team assignments. For current AYSA travel or rec players, players will be placed by combining the tryout evaluation with coach evaluations and observations by the Director of Coaching during weekly training sessions.

Teams Assignment Time Frame
An email regarding team assignments will be sent to registrants prior to the end of June after the Director of Coaching has had an opportunity to review and consider all registrants and discuss with coaches.
Please take a moment now to register your child for tryouts. A listing of frequently asked questions is below. Please let us know of any further questions by emailing us at

Tryouts and Spring Placements for Travel Teams: POLICIES

  1. In June of each year players register online for team tryouts for the fall season. Tryouts are free of charge and are mandatory for all players wishing to be on a travel team, including those who are already on an AYSA team or have played for an AYSA team in the past.
        • AYSA manager advertises, announces tryouts on website and Facebook, and by email, and handles online registration.
        • Director of Coaching (DOC) organizes, oversees, creates an evaluation form with a number system to rank players, and has ultimate decision-making authority over all players and teams. DOC provides Travel Director (TD) with aggregate number for each player. 12 players minimum for each team. (Top 14 or so will be A team, bottom 13 or so will be B team.) Space for late players may be held for A team. DOC and TD confirm team rosters. DOC and TD inform and consult with coaches prior to informing parents/players of team placement.
        • Email blast is sent to players, informing of them of any team placement or directing them to recreational soccer program.
  1. Once players have been invited to a team, players have one week to register so teams can be quickly confirmed. If adequate numbers of players don’t register in time, teams may change configuration.
  2. Makeup tryouts are offered for those who are interested but unable to make tryout dates. No one is placed without a tryout in the fall (spring registration is different; see below).
  3. In the spring, coaches may directly recruit new players from off the street. However, coaches may not attempt to recruit players from other AYSA teams without prior approval from TD and DOC. If a coach believes a player should change teams (any player who has played on another AYSA team in the past) that coach will contact TD to consult. DOC maintains ultimate responsibility for all team placements.
  1. Switching Teams:
    • For any player to move from lower level to a higher level team, the change must be according to fall tryout ranking. (TD and coaches have access to the DOC’s fall ranking chart.)
    • For a player to move up to a higher level team they must meet the following criteria: 1.) be the top player on their current/most recent team and 2. be expected to be a top player on the team they are moving up to. DOC has final say.
    • Players from B team have priority over those off the street who have never tried out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if My Child Can’t Attend?
Tryouts are mandatory. If your child absolutely cannot attend the tryout date for your age group, please contact our program manager Moe Mooney ( and explain the circumstances. The child may be able to tryout at a later date with the DOC. However, players who miss their primary tryout date may be at a disadvantage.

What teams can girls play on?
Girls may play on either boys or girls teams. Only girls are allowed to try out for and play on girls teams. In some cases, girls do play on boys/co-ed travel teams. A girl who may be interested is allowed to tryout for both the girls and the boys/co-ed team at her grade level.

How are non-Amherst players handled?
Anyone who lives in Amherst, Pelham, Shutesbury or Leverett, and anyone who goes to school in one of the Amherst regional schools (including school choice kids from other towns) is considered an Amherst Area Player and has priority. Extra spaces will then be made available to children from other towns, based on competitive tryouts.

There are two exceptions to the above policy. First, once a child from another town begins playing on an AYSA travel team, then he/she will have equal priority with Amherst regional kids in any future tryouts, as long as he/she does not leave the program. So if a girl from Deerfield makes an Amherst travel team, she will not be cut the next season simply because she is from Deerfield (of course, she will still need to earn a position at tryouts). Second, if there is more than one team at a given level, Amherst regional kids will not be favored between the teams. So for example if there is a U13 boys “A” team and “B” team, a child from Hadley who is good enough to play on the “A” team would be placed there and not on the “B” team. Players whose town has a travel soccer team at their age level need a waiver from their town in order to play for an Amherst team. You can go ahead and tryout now, and then if you make the team we will help you try to obtain the waiver.

Can my child play at a different grade level?
Maybe. A player that is advanced a grade in school beyond their age and has been playing at their age rather than with their classmates may be eligible for a waiver to continue playing at their age group. In certain cases, a player may play “up” with an older team. The policy is that a child must tryout with his/her proper Grade, and then, if there is an interest in playing up, the player’s parents and current coach (travel or rec) should each send an e-mail to The decision on allowing a player to play up will be based on the player’s ability level and the needs of the various teams.

What is the cost?
There is no cost for tryouts. The Travel fees are approximately $180 for the fall season, plus a uniform fee (fees subject to change). A similar fee exists for the spring season. Financial support is available for children receiving free or reduced school lunches.